opalORB v0.1.6


opalORB is an open source implementation of the Object Management Group (OMG®) CORBA standard. opalORB provides an implementation of an ORB (Object Request Broker) for Perl users. opalORB is a CORBA 3.0 implementation written completely in Perl. Since Perl is an interpretive language, opalORB will run on any platform that supports Perl and sockets. opalORB implements both the client and the server (POA) sides of the CORBA model.

The implementation follows the intent of the "CORBA/e Micro Profile" recommended subset of the more usual ORB functionality. However, it is not limited to features described in this specification.


  • Simple and easy to use.
  • Provides a single threaded mode in addition to a thread-per-connection mode.
  • Implements IIOP and is, therefore, able to interoperate with other ORBs written in other languages (such as MICO, omniORB, TAO, JDK ORB, JacORB, etc.)
  • Implements UIOP (UNIX domain sockets) which provides a slight performance advantage over IIOP.
  • Implements SSLIOP (SSL over TCP/IP) and Level 1 Security to provide secure communication.
  • Uses an intuitive mapping of IDL to Perl.
  • Provides an implementation of synchronous DII/DSI.
  • Provides an implementation of DynamicAny.
  • Provides an Interoperable Name Service (with persistence) and an Event Service.
  • Provides a graphical Name Service editor/viewer.


  • Perl 5.6.1 or newer.
  • The Error module from CPAN.


Commercial support is available through Object Computing, Inc.

Tested Systems

opalORB has been tested on the following operating systems/hardware combinations.
  • Solaris™ SPARC®
  • Solaris™ x86
  • AIX™ PPC
  • QNX® x86
  • Linux® x86
  • Mac® OS X PPC
  • Microsoft Windows™ 2000, XP™
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