CORBA::NamedValue - A structure that holds argument/parameter information.


  my $nv = new CORBA::NamedValue('param1',
                                 new CORBA::Any(88, CORBA::_tc_long),
                                 4, CORBA::ARG_INOUT);
  my $lv;
  $nv->value()->extract(\$lv, CORBA::_tc_long);
  print "Any: $lv\n";


The CORBA::NamedValue struct can be used with DII/DSI invocations. It provides a mechanism for passing arguments as generic structures.


name - A string representation of the name of the parameter.

value - Holds a CORBA::Any which represents the value of the parameter.

len - The size, as in number of bytes, required for the parameter type.

flags - Flags that indicate the mode (CORBA::ARG_IN, CORBA::ARG_OUT, CORBA::ARG_INOUT) of the parameter.