CORBA::Request - The request object for use with DII.


  use CORBA;
  use CORBA::Request;
  try {
    my $req;
    my $result = new CORBA::NamedValue();
    $obj->create_request(undef, 'opname', [], \$result, \$req);
    $req->add_arg('param1', CORBA::_tc_long, $param, 4, CORBA::ARG_INOUT);
  catch CORBA::Exception with {
    my $ex = shift;
    $status = 1;
  catch Error::Simple with {
    my $ex = shift;
    $status = 1;


The CORBA::Request makes up part of the framework necessary for Dynamic Interface Invocation. This object should not be created directly through the new method. It is created via the create_request method of an object reference.


add_arg - Adds an argument for the request operation. The parameters are: operation name, argument type code, value (as a CORBA::Any), the size of the value in bytes, and Flags value indicating the mode of the argument.

add_exception - Add a user defined exception to the list of possible exceptions that could be thrown by the operation.

arguments - Returns an array reference of CORBA::NamedValue's which comprise the arguments for the request operation.

invoke - Invoke the operation on the object from which the request was created. An optional flag (with a value of CORBA::OP_ONEWAY or 1) can be passed to indicate that the operation is a oneway.