CORBA::ServerRequest - The request object for use with DSI.


  sub invoke {
    my($self, $req) = @_;
    ## Get the request operation name
    my $op = $req->operation();
    ## Get the arguments from the request
    my $args = Util::Shared::create_array();


The CORBA::ServerRequest makes up part of the framework necessary for the Dynamic Skeleton Interface. This object is not created directly by the user; it is passed into the invoke method.


arguments - Copies the operation list of NamedValue's into the user provided array reference.

ctx - Context's are not supported. This method returns undef.

operation - Return the operation name.

set_result - Set the return value for the operation. The value must be provided as a CORBA::Any.

set_exception - Set an exception in the event that an error condition is met. The exception must be provided as a CORBA::Any. Note: this is not necessary, as exceptions are allowed to be thrown directly out of the invoke method.