EventChannel_i - An implementation of CosEventChannelAdmin::EventChannel


  use lib "$ENV{OPALORB_ROOT}";
  use lib "$ENV{OPALORB_ROOT}/Event";
  use CORBA;
  use EventChannel_i;
  my $ec_impl = new EventChannel_i();
  my $id = $poa->activate_object($ec_impl);


new - Construct an EventChannel_i object. This method takes an optional integer parameter that determines how large the ProxyPullSupplier queue can grow. When the queue hits the limit, old events are disposed.

init - Initialize the event channel. This must be called after activation with the POA.

run - In order to support Pull Suppliers and Consumers, you must call this method providing an optional timeout instead of calling CORBA::ORB::run(). You may call CORBA::ORB::run() instead, but clients attempting to create ProxyPullConsumer's and ProxyPullSupplier's will receive a CORBA::NO_IMPLEMENT exception if threads have not been activated.

shutdown - Exactly the same as calling CORBA::ORB::shutdown().

for_consumers - Returns the one and only CosEventChannelAdmin::ConsumerAdmin for the event channel.

for_suppliers - Returns the one and only CosEventChannelAdmin::SupplierAdmin for the event channel.

destroy - Destroy the event channel and all of the associated objects.