NAME - The opalORB Interface Repository Utility


The opalORB Interface Repository utility reads one or more IDL files and sends the information to the Interface Repository. It is located in the $OPALORB_ROOT/InterfaceRepository directory.


 Usage: [--client] [--define <name=value>] [--help]
                  [--include <include>] [--wcase]
   client   Generate the client side only.
   define   Define a macro. This option requires that you provide a value
            to each macro (ex. --define MACRO=1). The macro OPALORB will
            be automatically defined upon invocation.
   include  Add include paths for idl files.
   wcase    Only warn about identifiers that differ in case from
 If the OPALORB_ROOT environment variable is set, it will automatically
 be added to the include paths.