NamingContext_i - An implementation of CosNaming::NamingContext


  use lib "$ENV{OPALORB_ROOT}";
  use lib "$ENV{OPALORB_ROOT}/Naming";
  use CORBA;
  use NamingContext_i;
  my $nc = new NamingContext_i();
  my $id = $poa->activate_object($nc);


new - Construct a NamingContext_i object. Activate this object as you would any other servant.

load - Loads the contents of a previously persisted CosNaming::NamingContext and enables persistence. Updates to the CosNaming::NamingContext will be persisted into the file name provided.

persist - Enables persistence into the file name provided. As the CosNaming::NamingContext is update/modified, the changes will be stored into a file.