NAME - The opalORB IDL compiler


The opalORB IDL compiler reads one or more IDL files and generates stubs and skeletons in Perl for opalORB. It is located in the $OPALORB_ROOT/idl directory.


 Usage: [--client] [--define <name=value>] [--help]
               [--include <include>] [--output <output>] [--pod]
               [--typecodes] [--wcase]
   client     Generate the client side only.
   define     Define a macro. This option requires that you provide a
              value to each macro (ex. --define MACRO=1). The macro
              OPALORB will be automatically defined upon invocation.
   include    Add include paths for idl files.
   output     Set the output directory for generated files.
   pod        Cenerate pod in each output module.
   typecodes  Generate static typecodes.
   wcase      Only warn about identifiers that differ in case from
 If the OPALORB_ROOT environment variable is set, it will automatically
 be added to the include paths.